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Black Wolf Studio is a photo studio that responds to increased interest in photography at the highest level, which is one of the pillars of contemporary marketing and advertising. At the same time, we offer our customers fully professional graphics and photographic services. Black Wolf Studio brings new quality in the photo graphic industry in our region. Photography is not only our work, but above all passion and Black Wolf Studio is the answer to the flood of kitsch and tandety in the world around us. Our advantage is full mobility, so we can take pictures also in the arrangements of our customers.

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We also work remotely, our customers send us their products by courier, which allows you to significantly save time and funds. Easy and fast communication with the Customer allows you to accurately determine the details of the cooperation and at the same time clearly determine expectations. However, we do not work only stationary, but our advantage is also a great mobility, we are able to get to any place and take pictures. We carry out away sessions not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe and abroad. We are able to reach the Customer in every corner of Poland. We also carry out fashion and wedding sessions outside Poland, for example in Rome, Paris or London. In our photograph we strive for perfection, photos on one hand must depict the subject in a real way, on the other hand, the photo must be refined in every, the smallest even detail. So far, product sessions, interiors and others have given us great knowledge and experience that allows us to take on every, even most challenging photographic challenge for our customers. We work on Canon hardware with a full set of bright lenses, including the L series.

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